English Literary Club (ELC) of Daffodil International University was formed to enhance students’ literary faculty as well as enrich their English Language proficiency. Since 2008 the club has been glorifying the department of English through its dynamic activities. The efficient members of ELC are working hard to increase its dignity from national to international level. At present it is one of the most vibrant clubs of DIU. It is open for all the students of DIU.


However, this club was founded on June 2, 2008 and its very journey started with 10 members and now they are almost 30 permanent members and more than 100 participatory members. Now this club is standing as one of the most reputed clubs in DIU by the help of its two most successful moderators Ms.Umme Kulsum (previous) and Ms. Nahid Kaiser (present). Some other faculty members have also contributed a lot to shape up the club. Thus, English literary Club has now reached a such successful position.