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Our Story

The English Literary Club (ELC) has gained immense popularity among the students. Founded on June 2, 2008, this club (ELC) is playing a significant role not only in promoting the English language with several activities but also in spreading innovative ideas through competitions among the students. As said before, this club was founded with 10 members. Then the journey of the club started and with slow and steady steps, it has now become one of the leading clubs in the university.

In June 2008, the first meeting of ELC (then Proposed only) was held and according to the meeting’s decision, the first committee for summer semester 2008 comprised: Mr. Rasel Howlader, Ms. Umme KulsumMr. Mustafizur Rahman and Ms. Nahid Kaiser. The journey of this club began with this proficient committee where Mr.Rajon Mahmud was the president. Gradually, it has reached a position from where there is no looking back.

However, from 2011 till June, 2012 Ms. Umme Kulsum worked as the moderator and after her from 2012 to till now Ms. Nahid Kaiser is working as the successful coordinator of English Literary Club (ELC).