English Literary Club (ELC) Daffodil International University is more than its name. It not only focuses on literary activities but also emphasizes on variant co-curricular performances to develop English language proficiency of the students. Mainly it was formed to enhance the students’ English and their literary knowledge through different co-curricular activities. That’s why it is named English Literary Club.

At present English Literary Club have 25 Executive members. And these hard-working members have raised the club as a standard one.

Recently, English Literary Club has opened their own website. Beside this, in their Facebook page; they have almost 2000 members, a huge response toward their activity. The link address is www.facebook.com/groups/elc.

Moreover, ELC holds meeting in every week.  In every semester, this club throws a big cultural carnival and charms both the teachers and students. They also organize international events, day-long tours regularly.

English Literary club has some regular activities like- it holds meeting in every week, throws a day long cultural show in every semester, organizes competitions- Spelling Bee, extempore speech competition, essay writing, poster making, Haiku writing, Shakespeare quiz, drama show, movie review, inter-university poster making competition and so on. Besides, inter- university, DIUELC took part in poster show with East West University Conversation Club, where DIUELC got the first prize. Weekend film shows are most popular activities of them, where the auditorium remains houseful every time. In addition, ELC is also the most active club in regard of international collaboration.

Daffodil International University English Literary Club has been raised as one of the most standard clubs because of its successful moderator and the hardworking club members.