Since its emergence ELC has maintained its plans and programs successfully. It has forwarded its steps slowly and gracefully by arranging programs. Its regular activity also includes international collaboration. The base of this club has become stronger because of its huge activities.

In 2008 this club organized only few extempore speech events

Eglish Literary Club took part in poster show with East West University Conversation Club, where ELC got the first prize in November 2009. In August 2010  ELC threw essay and poster competition in association with CDC (carrier development centre) arranged by Ms. Umme Kulsum and Ms. Nahid Kaiser.

One of the most accepted competitions Spelling Bee-1 held in 2010 , Spelling Bee -2 in 2011and Spelling Bee-3 in October 2012 and this is the most celebrated competition, where a good number of students participate every year. And it has become possible to increase students’ curiosity about participating in Spelling –Bee with the initiative of the moderators.

Among the huge project, English Literary Club organized another important event and that is Haiku poem writing, here young writers get the opportunity to show their talent and intellect.

Besides, every week, ELC club organizes a weekend film show, it is the most important activity that the club does. There, both educative and entertaining films are shown according to the students’ demand. Students like this segment very much, where they can experience some wonderful movies as their avocation.

Some celebrated movies screened by ELC are- ‘500 days of summer’, ‘Thor’, ‘Ghost Rider’, ‘Hirok Rajar Deshe’, ‘Runway’, ‘Guerilla’ and the most famous one is ‘Amar Bondhu Rashed’ and so on.

On 13th June, 2012, ELC celebrated W.B. Yeats’ 147th birth anniversary by arranging a poem recitation competition regarding his poem and an enjoyable short cultural program. There ELC inaugurated their new committee and their new moderator Ms.Nahid Kaiser.

Showing great respect to religion and of course to the month of Ramadan, this time ELC (English Literary Club) of Daffodil International University organized a religious program “The Horizon of Islam”, on August 02, 2012 along with an Iftar party. In this program, ELC organized religious photo exhibition and threw a competition on “Religious Essay Writing” which amused all the students.

However, one of the best achievements of English Literary Club is its collaboration with Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC). ELC and RCSC jointly arranged a motivational daylong program 21st November, 2012 at DIU auditorium called, “Discover Russia”. There, ELC also arranged a Russian photo exhibition and a “movie review” competition.

In 2012, ELC arranged a listening competition and got huge response from the students.

This club started celebrating Children’s film festival with 5th International Children’s film festival and also organized 6th International Children’s Film Festival on January 22-24, 2013 in cooperation with Children’s film Society Bangladesh and UNICEF; where children from different schools came and enjoyed national and international films.

Art and cartoon competitions are also held by ELC in cooperation with Children’s film Society Bangladesh and UNICEF. There children take part in the art competition and get prizes. It is another success of ELC that they are getting response also from the children.

Alongside its regular activities like holding meetings, arranging seminars or cultural carnivals, this club is adequately engage in associating with the needy people. ELC whole-heartedly collected money from the students and the faculty members and ensured their journey to Kurigram district on January 10, 2010 to distribute warm clothes among the indigent people. Moreover, the club members went their willfully and try their best to help them as much as possible.

Foundation day is a day, when students from all departments and all the clubs get chance to perform and entertain everyone. From this sense, English Literary Club includes surprising performances and sets up their own stall in every foundation day, which jollifies every heart.

ELC has made some memorable and thrill provoking tours, which always amuse all the members. They made their most notable journey to Sonargaon, Panam city and Meghna River, in the out skirt of the city on June 30, 2012. The heavy waves of The Meghna are still flourishing their body and mind.

Alongside, this club has also made another tour to Jamuna Resort on June 10, 2011. The joy they have felt there is beyond description.

25th May, 2013, brought another history for English Literary Club, as they made another exciting tour at Baliati Zaminder Palace in Manikganj. Once, they entered into the palace, all ELC executives became amused by viewing the large area of the palace. And on their way back, they passed the journey as like before, singing and dancing Such tours they used to make.

In all their tours, they took creative time in taking photos, which bear all their sweet memories. Tours inspire them to keep up their habit of touring.

However, before organizing any competition the club ensures a workshop for the betterment of the students.