Besides arranging so many programs in the university, English literary Club is also very active in arranging International events. ELC arranged 5th and 6th International Children’s film festival in DIU venue cooperation with Children’s Film Society. There, ELC has shown some wonderful movies for the children. Another successful collaboration is with Turkish Cultural Centre, where ELC organized Islamic photo exhibition called, ‘Horizon of Islam’ with Islamic photo exhibition and arranged a writing competition on religion. Another eventful involvement of ELC is with the Russian Centre of Science and Culture. English Literary Club and Russian Centre of Science and Culture jointly organized a daylong colorful carnival, ‘Discover Russia’, with a wonderful photo exhibition of Russian history and a movie review competition.

All these international events that ELC organized have been proved very helpful in increasing students’ knowledge about the other countries as well as their style of working.

ELC has successfully made a good relationship with the international organizations and in future it will bring a lot of international events for the betterment of the students.